5 Clever Uses For Tennis Balls That Have Nothing To Do With The Sport

When you think of tennis balls, you probably envision fit athletes in crisp white polos darting across a forrest green turf, smacking that neon yellow ball across a bright, freshly sewn net. What you probably don’t think when I mention the item? The answer to all of life’s little problems!

That’s right, those small bouncy balls hold more power than from just the force behind the strike of a tennis racket!

In the video below, we are given five clever uses for tennis balls that have nothing to do with the sport. With a slice here and a screw there, tennis balls provide everything from doorknob ding protection to a secret storage container.

One of my favorite uses for tennis balls is to use its rubbery interior to help unscrew tightly fastened lids! No more struggling with hard-to-open jars for this little lady!