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about us

For anyone that doesn’t know, this is our Fb cover photo courtesy of Jim Hunt Illustrations…Thanks, Jim!


This page is open to everyone.Not intended for anyone with a bad sense of humor.Enjoy life as much as you can.
This page is for everyone to express how they feel and not to be judged.If you do not have a good sense of humor feel free to leave.
Life is short and each day we express that will make our day a better one.





  • if it is for humor, why are inspirational posts here. Why can’t members have an opposing view. I’m not the only one censored. Gil is a baby who can’t critically think about these types of topics. He doesn’t know how to evaluate if a source is a reputable source of info. I would have him stick to humor, and he is only so so in that area. I don’t know what influence he has in this site, but he obviously has some, or your mods are as thick as he is. I don’t get why a site with as few of current followers would want to alienate a member who might actually have something interesting to say, but your description of your group is odd, and speaks volumes. I didn’t get a response from your adm, so I went ahead and reported my concerns to facebook, I followed the rules. Gil did not. he attacked my character. I defended myself, and then I was blocked. If Humor is infectious is run under this administration, you can block me from that one too. Just to be clear Gil;s post was from a underdeveloped country that is years behind in their attitude and treatment of mental illness.

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