‘Baby Buns’ Was Born Prematurely. Here’s the Answer it If Those Prayers Paid Off…

Everyone has been rooting for Dana Griffin-Graves and her husband Arkell since the video of their “buns in the oven” pregnancy announcement first went viral.

The couple had previously experienced four miscarriages and a stillbirth, and the joy of that announcement was infectious.


Posted by Arkell & Dana's Baby Bun on Saturday, October 3, 2015

According to Hot Moms Club, Dana and Arkell have since welcomed their new son, Kaleb Arkell Graves, well ahead of his February due date.

Because Dana was experiencing dangerously high blood pressure, Kaleb was delivered at only 24 weeks gestation and weighed only 13 ounces at birth.


Posted by Arkell & Dana's Baby Bun on Thursday, November 19, 2015

When he was born, Kaleb had only a five percent chance of survival, but according to his mother, the little boy has put on weight and is, “doing fantastic.”

“If someone would have told me six weeks ago when I was laying in the hospital bed and I was in the ICU department, that I would be here today, I wouldn’t believe it,” Dana told WRIC News.

They call Kaleb “baby buns,” a sweet reminder of the video that introduced him to the world, and continue to think of him as their little blessing from God.

“God is good,” said Arkell. “He’s a miracle. Kaleb is a miracle.”

Between them, Dana and Arkell are able to ensure that someone is always with Kaleb. Arkell says that he spends his mornings at the hospital, while Dana stays with her son all afternoon and evening.


Posted by Arkell & Dana's Baby Bun on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dana says she often reads to Kaleb, and especially likes to share the messages and prayers sent to them through Facebook.

“It’s just amazing to know that we have so many people in our corner, so many people that have gone through the same thing and it’s just because of God’s grace,” Dana told WRIC.

The couple say they’re been touched by the many people who have reached out with prayers and words of hope and support. With so many challenges ahead of them, they know the difference those prayers can make.

“I’m very humbled to the fact that so many people are praying for us and the prayers are actually working,” said Arkell. “We can actually feel them. They’re amazing.”