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How To Make A Popcorn Machine Out Of A Coke Can


Here’s what you’ll need: 

2 clean, empty soda cans
waterproof pen
sharp knife
Here’s how to do it: 

Using the waterproof pen, draw a rectangle on the side of a can with a gap in the middle of the top side.



Cut it out with the knife and bend it outwards. The top side should remain attached as a small door.



Cut the top end off the second can, leaving about 2/3 of the original there. Clean up the edge with some scissors in case it is rough.



Draw two rectangles on the remaining end and completely cut them out.



Hold the can and carefully hammer the base of the can until it’s slightly bent outwards



Cut the remaining “teeth” 3-4 times along the top edges and fold them inwards.


It should be easier after you cut it. Your can should look like this:



Place a lit tealight in the can that you hammered and place the other can ontop. Don’t forget to place a bowl in front of the door so the popcorn doesn’t fly everywhere!



Pour a few kernels in through the drink spout… microwave popcorn works well because it is already flavored