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Mom Is Folding Laundry Near Her Baby When She Hears A Voice That Tells Her To RUN

A mother’s intuition is a powerful thing. Some may doubt it, and some may even refuse to believe in it at all, but there’s no denying that the majority of the time, Mother knows best. That’s because moms tend to put their children above everything else, and as their number one priority, you can safely bet that they’ll do whatever they can to make sure their child is safe.


Washington mother Tanya Tyler proved just how important a mother’s intuition can really be.


Tanya and her beloved baby were sitting in the living room of their home where she was casually folding laundry. Everything seemed to be normal, but for some reason, Tanya couldn’t rid herself of a strange feeling.

Little did she know that this strange feeling would save both her and her baby.


For some reason, Tanya felt that she and her baby must get out of that room. So she followed her instinct, picked up her child and ran out of the room. As she was doing this, she heard the loud sounds of a tree falling.

When she turned around, she saw a huge tree lying exactly where she and her baby were sitting.


By following her motherly intuition, Tanya was able to avoid a tragic outcome. She is so, so grateful that she listened to her intuition and realizes just how horribly that entire situation could have gone. It’s easy to dismiss our random instincts. However, by acknowledging them Tanya Tyler ultimately saved multiple lives.

It just goes to show how powerful a mother’s intuition can be.