Mum Accused Of Shaving Daughter’s Head, Convincing Her She Has Cancer To Raise Money

It’s no secret that cancer is deadly, just thinking about the inexorable logic of tumour growth makes us all sick to our stomachs. Although its prevalence is widespread I always thought of it as something that happened to other people, until it happened to someone close to me. I would love to say that this is a unique case, but sadly we know that isn’t true.

According to the Cancer Health Centre approximately 300 of every 100,000 Americans develop a type of the disease each year. It’s a very real and very harrowing time for not only the sufferer but for every person around them. This being said, it’s difficult to understand how this Texan mother could trick strangers into believing that her daughter, 7, had cancer when she didn’t. Then proceed to con them out of their money.12341224_1932958216929469_3480995801614518416_n

The UPI reported that Junta Garcia, 46, shaved her daughters head and held several fundraisers to raise money for her kid’s “treatment.” When in reality she was in perfect health.

You’re probably wondering how an illegitimate individual managed to pull off such a scam. Investigators stated that she managed to convince people both in person and over social media that her little girl had just months to live. Why would anybody question that? Would you?


A spokesperson for Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office stated:

“The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is urging the community to verify and confirm information from fundraisers that they choose to participate in. In many cases, asking questions and utilizing good common-sense approaches can prevent someone from being the target of a fraudulent scheme. Legitimate organisations groups, or persons who are fundraising will have ways to verify and confirm information about their events.”

The sheriff’s office revealed that their investigation began back in October. Garcia has since been arrested for the Exploitation of a Child, a third degree felony charge, and is being held in the Hidalgo Adult Detention Centre.



Cancer is a disease so horrible it actually defies metaphor – we use the big c as a metaphor for all the crappiest things in life, but is there a metaphor that is awful enough to describe cancer? I don’t think so. How this woman can pretend that her own daughter is a sufferer when so many people out there are is truly sickening.