Random Man Drops Dude For Disrespecting His Own Mother!

Let the lesson be learned for all those disrespectful kids out there. Somebody is always looking and is not agreeing with the treatment your giving your parents. Some people don’t have any or have been left in this world alone. The lesson is you should always be thankful for what you got and appreciate your parents. You never know what tomorrow brings so be thankful for them today!

In the video pictured below a man is smarting off to his mother in a store until another man sucker punches him in his face dropping him to the ground. The man quickly gets back up only to be dropped again. The man passionately yelled “That’s your mother, you only get one!” And then the mother stepped in and asked her son to, “go home.” After getting dropped he now had no issue with his mom and agreed to leave.

To often we see children of all ages disrespect their parents and its kinda refreshing to somebody step in and do something about it. The thing is tho honestly we don’t know what happened before the camera started rolling but some might say that his speech with his mother was kinda mind and that the man who stepped in might have over reacted.