Scientist Missing For Over 20 years Found Living Inside Secret LSD Drug Lab Hidden in Basement

What if you suddenly discovered that a strange man has been living in a secret space in your basement conducting laboratory experiments?

This was the shocking scenario when a Minnesota couple called 911 telling police that they heard a man shouting inside their basement. Police arrived expecting the call to be a routine case of breaking and entering. What they ended up discovering blew everyone away.a

As soon as police entered the home, they could indeed hear a man yelling and the screams were coming from the basement.

But when they carefully entered the basement, they saw nothing. The screams continued but there were no signs of any man. They then followed the sounds to the northern wall where a large storage cabinet was. The officers reasoned that most likely a vagrant broke inside the house, made his way to the basement and somehow had become stuck behind the cabinet, and was now screaming for help.

The officers moved the cabinet and rather than finding a man, they discovered an entrance way which led them to entirely separate basement room. Inside the room, the discovery was shocking . The room was more of a science laboratory, as it contained all kinds of science related equipment. And then there was the man. He was very old, and very terrified.

Dr. Winston Corrigan was 83-years-old and had been a chemistry professor from the University of Minnesota. He used to live in the home, but had gone missing back in 1984.

Black Acid Co-op by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe at the Deitch Project, 18 Wooster Street, New York, NY July 2, 2009

It was evident that Dr. Corrigan had been living down in the secret laboratory for a long, long time. Psychologically he was a mess, not having socialized with other people for years. An EMT at the scene stated that he believed it to be quite possible that the man had actually been living down there since the 1980’s.
The man is at the Abbot Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, but will be transferred to a state psychiatric ward. There he will be studied and it will be determined how far the extent of his psychological illness reaches, while accessing the possibility of bringing him back into modern society.


One of the neighbors commented that the previous owners had actually moved out of the house because they had believed the residence was haunted! While the neighbor may have been skeptical of the claim, she now understands where the seemingly far fetched supernatural assumption had come from.
Half a million dollars worth of science and lab equipment was recovered, all of which was stolen according to authorities. Three hand guns and an assault rifle were also found. So how did this old man eat all these years? They found a whopping 50 years of military grade rations! And as far as entertainment, well the good doctor had that covered. Twelve 55 gallon drums of a liquid LSD solution were found. Three barrels of the powerful hallucinogenic drug were near empty!
No word yet whether Corrigan will be facing any criminal charges. Hopefully the doctor will recover and we will hear more details about this fascinating story of a man who secretly lived in a hidden basement room for years doing science experiments, while tripping out.4