She Catches This Maniac Mom Drowning Her Baby. Now Watch What She Does…

If you saw a mom doing the unthinkable to her children, what would you do? Nampa, Idaho police are grateful that a few good samaritans stepped in when they saw 22-year-old Regina Dilworth putting her two children’s lives in danger.

“[She was] walking in the roadway carrying a 10-month-old baby and had a four-year-old following behind,” said Sgt. Jason Cantrell, with the Nampa Police Department.

Community members saw Dilworth’s odd behavior and the calls to the police department began to flood in. First the mother tried to give her four-year-old away to a stranger. What she did next was even worse.

A woman driving by noticed that Dilworth was heading to a small canal. She asked Dilworth if she needed help, but the mother didn’t respond. The driver didn’t want to leave the scene, so she called the police and followed her.

“When the witness got to the canal bank she observed Regina submerged in the water and the water was up to the baby’s neck,” said Cantrell.

The woman immediately jumped in, grabbed the baby and took the four-year-old. Other witnesses then jumped in the canal and pulled Dilworth out of the water.

Sometimes when you see something suspicious, you must act. In another recent story, Alex Diaz discovered a stroller with an abandoned newborn in it. His action saved a life.

Fortunately, the two children are in protective custody, and Dilworth is being charged with injury to a child and a felony.

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