She Cracks An Egg Over A Pepper And Reveals This AMAZING Kitchen Trick!

Breakfast can often become too routine. There are only so many options for healthy meals, so if you’re sick of making the same old dish, it’s time to whip up these bell pepper egg flowers in the morning. Not only are these delicious, but kids love the novelty of it.

YouTube user Weelicious demonstrates how to make the breakfast using just four ingredients.

First, take one large bell pepper and slice into four 1/2″-thick rounds and remove the inner white part. Cook the flowers in a skillet over medium heat for two minutes on one side. Next, flip the flowers over and crack an egg into the middle of each flower. Cover skillet and cook two-to-three minutes for runny eggs or five minutes for firm eggs. Sprinkle each flower with Parmesan a few seconds before you are ready to remove it from the pan. Serve and enjoy!