She’s Crushed Inside Her Car, But Watch What Happens When She Starts To Pray…

In 2013, a drunk driver slammed into 19-year-old Katie Lentz as she drove down a cornfield-lined road in Missouri. Katie was pinned between her seat and the steering wheel for nearly an hour. She couldn’t move.

First responders struggled to free Katie from the totaled car. The fire chief was losing hope, and it was at that moment Katie only asked that she pray with those surrounding her. Just then, a mysterious figure appeared in the crowd. “Amen,” said a man in a black priest shirt with white collar.

Katie immediately felt calm, and decided to let God take care of the rest. The priest prayed with the crowd as the responders were able to get the emergency tools to do what they needed to do. Katie was finally freed, and then taken to the hospital where she recovered.

At first, the people at the scene of the accident claimed an angel had said the prayer, because when they went to thank the priest, he was gone. He also wasn’t found in any of the photos taken at the scene.

Later, however, Father Patrick Dowling revealed himself as the mysterious miracle worker, who had initially remained anonymous. He said he tried to avoid getting in the way of the struggling crew of first responders, and that he was only part of the answer to Katie’s prayers. He says the crowd’s combined prayers, and the tireless emergency workers, were also heroes that day. What a remarkable story.