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When Their Beloved Teacher’s Hearse Pulls Up, These Students Do Something Truly Unexpected

The next video shows one of the most beautiful displays of love and appreciation I’ve ever seen. When Dawson Tamatea, a popular teacher at Palmerston North Boy’s High School in New Zealand passed away, his students decided to do something truly unique and unexpected for him.

Dawson was a Math teacher that joined the school in 1986. After his death, the school decided to close for half a day, so that every student had the chance to attend the services. The next clip shows the moment the hearse makes its way through the cemetery. Pay attention to the group of students who came together to honor their beloved teacher. What they do is called a haka, a traditional war cry that was often performed by warriors to, among other things, pay respect or tribute to someone special. Mr. Tamatea would have been really proud of his students.