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Woman Sets A Mirror On Her Desk & Leaves the House, Not Knowing What She’s Really Doing

Ever read a beauty tip recommending that you apply make-up in natural light? Well it may be wise to add a safety tip as well.

Be sure to put the make-up mirror away when done or uneven blush may be the least of your worries.


As Kasey Ault recently discovered, even something as small as a make-up mirror left in the sun can do a lot of damage.

Kasey recently posted pictures on Facebook of the destruction caused by the make-up mirror she had left on her desk.

After putting on her make-up in front of the window and leaving the mirror out, Kasey came home to find that the mirror had started a fire on her desk.

“I just came home to a house full of smoke and found clear evidence of a fire on my desk,” she wrote. “I believe it was started by the reflection of light off the magnified side [of the mirror]. I’m extremely lucky the fire didn’t reach the battery of my iPad, my wooden desk, my laundry basket next to my desk..

It miraculously was somehow contained. I had my sweet chihuahua asleep in that room, along with my other 3 dogs and 5 cats in the house. I could have lost them all.”

Kasey’s concern that the fire could have spread and caused serious damage or injury is well-justified. According to WTOP News, a bedroom mirror caused a fire in Fairfax County, Virginia that did more than $1,000 in damage and sent one of the occupants to the hospital with a non-life threatening injury.

Once a fire gets going, it doesn’t matter how small its source was. BBC Newsreports that millions of dollars in damage were done to a multi-million dollar home when a make-up mirror reflected light onto a set of curtains, eventually erupting into a serious blaze.

Experts say that it’s important to ensure that any reflective items — including small mirrors — are not placed in direct view of sunlight.

“I don’t think many people realize the dangers of leaving glass objects, like magnifying mirrors, too close to windows,” Steve Lumb of the London Fire Brigade told LBC after a make-up mirror caused a fire in a London home.

Lumb adds that anything that can “concentrate the sun’s rays,” including drinking glasses and fishbowls, should not be kept too close to windows.