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5-Year-Old Gets Emotional When Telling Remarkable Story About Saving His Father

Five-year-old Xander McPheeters ran inside for a quick second to grab a jacket. When he returned, he found his father in a dire situation. James McPheeters was driving a tractor on the family’s land when a falling tree struck him and knocked him unconscious. Xander acted fast and ran towards his father and turned the tractor off, before neighbors came over to offer their assistance.

“His head was cut open and his nose was bleeding a little,” Xander said when describing the traumatizing situation. His father spent a week in the hospital after the accident and needed six months of therapy before he returned to his former self. In the young boy’s honor, Xander received the Hobies Heroes Award while his father looked on, full of pride. Presenter Hobie Billingsley had this to say: “It’s an honor and just a remarkable thing you did. You’re going to live with that for the rest of your life and everyone’s going to be happy you did it.”Surely, Xander and his family will never forget his courageous act.