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9-Year-Old Holds THIS In His Palm. When The Cop Looks Down And Sees What It Is… Wow!

Jayden Witsell’s biggest aspiration is to become a police officer. In the meantime, the 9-year-old is running around his Louisiana town to give cops something special: a St. Michael’s coin.

“If you keep it in your pocket or if you keep it in your unit, it will keep you safe everywhere you go,” Witsell tells a cop in the video below.

Witsell and his mother, Angelique Witsell, also wrote handwritten thank you notes to give to any officers they see from the Slidell Police Department.

The boy’s reason? To show appreciate for good officers, like the ones caught playing basketball with teens and the one who saved a baby from a hot car.

“He just came to me and said, ‘Mom there’s too many bad things going on in the world. People just don’t have respect for law enforcement officers and I want to do something nice for all the police officers,” his mother says.

Jayden adds: “To me, police lives just matter.”

One police officer, Joe McMahan, was so touched that he asked to meet with Jayden again just to take a picture as seen at the 1:27 mark.

“When you did something like that, you became my hero,” McMahan told Jayden.
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