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91-Years-Old Woman Dies In A Sex Game With Her Neighbor

In Aveiro, Portugal a 91-year-old woman died in a sex game with her married neighbor which went totally wrong.The woman suffocated to death while having $ex with her 49 years old neighbor

#1 91-year-old was dead

A 91-year-old Portuguese woman was found dead while having a $ex game with her 49-year-old neighbor.

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#2 She died from asphyxia

According to Autopsy results, it was revealed that she died from asphyxia which is believed to take place during the $ex game which went totally wrong.

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#3 Her 49-year old neighbor was arrested…

..from the DNA analysis of semen samples that matched with the ones found on the incident place. Later on, he was released on bail.

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#4 He lived next to that old woman.

He is married and having two children

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#5 According to neighbors..

The woman used to live alone & was very “active”.They even mentioned that the neighbor used to visit her frequently to help her out.

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#6 Here is a complete video by NY daily news


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