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A 21-Year-Old Soldier Was Killed. But Watch What They Do With His Heart…

Army Ranger Ben Kopp was not your normal 21-year-old. He had always tried his best to do the right thing, so when he signed up for the Army he knew exactly what he was getting into and the dangers that came with fighting terrorists overseas.

He had already served two lengthy tours in Iraq, so when he was transferred to Afghanistan, it was on a normal day that his platoon was suddenly attacked by the Taliban forces. Through sheer bravery, Kopp managed to save the lives of several of his countrymen while killing over ten enemy troops, but during the fight he was hit in the leg.

Kopp lost a lot of blood from his wound before eventually succumbing to his injuries, but not before his mother followed through with an important subject she had discussed with her boy: organ donation.

Even in death, this brave man is still saving lives. Because with every heartbeat, he’s keeping Judy Meikle alive. When Kopp’s grieving mother found out that Judy was in need, she followed through with her son’s wishes, and saved an innocent life.

Not only was Kopp a hero on the battlefield, but he was a hero in the hospital as well.