A Garbage Man Is Captured On Camera Throwing An Injured Dog Into His Garbage

A garbage man has been fired after he was caught on camera throwing an injured dog in the back of his refuse truck to be crushed alive by the vehicle’s compacting mechanism.

The incident took place on Thursday in a street in Presidente Figueiredo, northern Brazil, and the trash collector has been identified as 35-year-old Jadson James Franca.

Shocked residents report seeing the man mounting the sidewalk to hit the stray dog with his truck, then stopping the vehicle and tying a chain around the injured canine’s neck.

1. The stray dog was hit by the truck driver after he mounted the curb in Presidente Figueiredo, northern Brazil.



At that time, both of the animal’s legs were broken.

With his colleagues looking on, the garbage man proceeded to drag the canine along the pavement before throwing it into the vehicle’s compacting mechanism.

Once pictures of the cruel act, taken by a local photographer, were shared online, social media immediately exploded with outrage.

The dog was believed to have been still alive at the time the garbage truck arrived at the trash dump in the evening, but died of its horrific injuries hours later.

2. Colleagues then stood by as the garbage collector attached a chain to the dog’s neck.



The shocking images shot into prominence after popular Brazilian TV presenter Xuxa shared them with her 4.4 million Facebook followers. She wrote:

This little dog, who wasn’t bothering anyone, had its legs broken, and in agony was tied up and dragged by the neck, before being brutally murdered by this individual, being thrown and crushed alive in the back of the garbage truck.

This monster can still appeal against a fine and will still be walking the streets in freedom! Are we going to let that happen?? Let’s do something?? Together we can.

Yesterday, Neilson da Cruz, the mayor of Presidente Figueiredo, told Brazil’s A Critica newspaper that the garbage collector had been fired and his employer, ViaLimpa, would face an undisclosed fine.

3. He was then seen dragging the animal into the back of the truck and inside its compacting mechanism.



The mayor criticized the behavior of the residents who had filmed Franca’s act, rather than try to prevent it. He told the newspaper:

These people are more preoccupied with making recordings that with saving the animals. This is an absurdity.

The garbage collector has reportedly been charged with aggravated animal cruelty and bailed, police Chief Valnei Silva said.

Silva said that the Franca claimed that he threw the animal into the truck as an act of kindness because it was “suffering greatly” and “needed to be sacrificed”.

4. Images of the atrocity caused outrage after they were posted online by a local photographer.

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