A Man Is Jailed… For Spraying Kids With A Water Pistol Filled With Semen


I’m not sure quite how to tell you all this… but here it goes. A man has been jailed in Albuquerque for spraying children with a water pistol. A water pistol filled with his own semen.

I can’t believe I just had to write those words.

The saving grace? Kevin Jaramillo, who initially faced almost 60 years in jail, will go behind bars for at least 18. With victims aging from between nine and 18, Jaramillo pleaded no contest to charges in a new New Mexico court. I’m just glad to know that this twisted individual will be behind bars for a long time.

Jaramillo blamed his deplorable and disgusting actions on a cocktail of drugs, alcohol and mental illness – though quite what took him to filling a Super Soaker with jizz is totally beyond me.

The father of one victim says Jaramillo took away his daughter’s innocence. Sad stuff indeed.