A Monster Kidnaps An 8-Year-Old Boy. Now Watch The SHOCKING Moment Caught On Camera…

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, only thankfully, this time there isn’t the most tragic possible ending.

We’ve shared some pretty amazing stories about everyday heroes who take the law into their own hands when it comes to a child’s safety. Just take this story that recently went viral about a little boy who was kidnapped and rescued by a bus driver. It’s a miracle everything turned out alright!

When a little baby was snatched from his babysitter in the park, the unlikely heroes were his own big brother and sister, who grabbed the attention of two teen boys who took down the would-be attacker. Unfortunately, as we see in the following video, sometimes we are all we have when it comes to protecting ourselves from predators.

After seeing the following recent news report of an 8-year-old boy who escaped from his kidnapper, I’m realizing how important it is to teach our kids basic self-defense techniques, like the one in this video. The Perth, Australia boy was “grabbed, gabbed, and dragged” from his own backyard during broad daylight before school, a true nightmare at any age.

The boy must have had an angel watching over him, because he was able to escape the terrifying scenario and run to freedom. The following footage isn’t easy to watch, but it’s important to share.