A Rat Just Got Pulled Out Of This Kid’s Belly Button During An Exorcism


This is without a doubt the worst thing I’ve seen since blue waffle. It is equally as shocking and will probably remain in the forefront of your mind for longer than you want it to. Yet, for some reason no matter how retch inducing it is, it’s totally engrossing.

Alike to the video of the man with the giant spot on the back of his neck. This clip will get your stomach churning. You know the one, the pimple was the size of a tennis ball. The whole time you’re aware it’s going to blow all over your screen and every part of your being is pleading you to look away, but you peak through spread fingers until it pops and your gag reflex is instantly engaged.

Well, prepare yourself, the same is about to happen again. Warning: not to be consumed before lunch.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If that wasn’t the grimmest 1 minute and 18 seconds of your life then you need to stop crawling the internet for sick shit.

The origin of the video is unknown, but the Portuguese woman that can be heard praying in the background is believed to have a Brazilian accent. It’s been therefore suggested that the incident occurred in South America. Call me presumptuous, but I’d probably go one step further and say it’s from Brazil.

The authenticity of the footage has come under major debate. However, I think what we really need to be debating is: how the fuck did a rat get into a child’s bellybutton?