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A Teen Girl Receives a Surprising Sentence After Stiffing a Cab $100

Recently, Judge Micheal Cicconetti gave a teenager a dose of reality.

After 19-year-old Victoria Bascum and her friend refused to pay a cab driver the $100 fare they owed, the judge did something the teen did not expect!

He refused to allow her to pay a fine. Instead, the judge gave the teen two choices. She could either spend 30 days in jail, or she could walk thirty miles in 48 hours.

Although the teen was upset about the sentence — she thought she’d be able to just pay a $100 fine — she chose to walk the 30 miles because as she stated, “I’ve never been to jail, and I don’t want to go to jail.”

Bascum admitted that she was kind of lucky that the judge had given her the option to walk rather than to spend time in jail. To keep her accountable, the judge put a tracking device on her and gave her a route to walk.

While she was walking, Judge Cicconetti came to check up on her. He stated, “At that pace, it’s going to take her the entire 48 hours,” he said in a joking manner.

What did YOU think of this judge’s ruling? Do you think it was fair? Personally, I think he taught her a great lesson!