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A Thief Tries To Steal Her Phone, But She Shows Him Who’s Boss

This is a “girl power” moment if I ever saw one — watch this young woman fight back against a would-be subway thief…and win big-time!

At first, this security footage recovered from a Russian subway shows a scene familiar to many commuters. Most people, confronted with a lengthy wait for their train, turn to their smartphones to help alleviate boredom.

The young woman in this video is doing just that, leaning against the wall of the station while scrolling on her phone. An unscrupulous petty thief hones in on her as a target of opportunity, and snatches the device right out of her hand!

But, like this pair of ill-prepared criminals in Kentucky, it turns out that he really picked the wrong girl to mess with. Instead of taking off running after committing the crime, the thief ambles off slowly, clearly unconcerned about his victim’s reaction.

That, it turns out, was a big mistake. Rule of thumb: You really shouldn’t attack someone who’s tougher than you. The plucky young woman immediately fights back, whacking him with her handbag. When he turns around to fend her off, she continues her tactic, slamming him repeatedly with the oversized accessory. With a few well-placed blows, he’s on the ground, and our gutsy heroine is off and running, reunited with her property in less than twenty seconds.