All Your Bacon Dreams Just Came True With This Simple Summer Recipe

Okay, Internet, we know how much you like bacon: like, a lot. And we’re about to add to your bacon obsession with this little summer treat that you didn’t know you wanted until now.

So here it is, kids: the bacon weave ice cream sandwich.

First, you’ll need some bacon. For a sweeter treat, try maple bacon.


Create the famous bacon weave in a pan and cook. (There are tutorials for this pretty much everywhere.) They’ll be square, but once they’re cooked and cooled, you can simply cut them into a circle if that’s what you want. Eat the excess, or save it to sprinkle on something else.

Next, you need ice cream. Simple flavors like vanilla work best.


You don’t need to use a reciprocating saw to slice your ice cream (unless you want to go for uber-dudeness). A sharp knife will work just fine. Try to avoid spreading the ice cream, as the bacon wafers will be brittle. You could also peel the wafers off a store-bought ice cream sandwich and replace them with the bacon. I’m sure no one will be mad about it.




That’s it. Now you just shove this right into your face and eat it.