An HIV-Positive Man Stood On The Streets With A Sign Asking People To Touch Him: The Results Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Being HIV positive or having AIDS was turned into a massive social stigma years ago and unfortunately it has strongly remained in many parts of society.

It was so bad years ago that people began to think breathing the same air or making accidental physical contact with an HIV positive person would cause that person to contract the disease themselves. The individuals themselves were looked upon as people with likely only little time left to live, when in reality HIV positive people can live long, healthy and normal lives with the help of modern medicine.

HIV/AIDS is contracted mostly through sexual contact, not from touch. And even through sexual contact there is not a definite chance one contracts the virus from an infected person.

Nevertheless, the stigma still holds strong in many places and people are fearful of contracting the virus as if it was the flu.

A guy in Finland decided to knock down a part of this social stigma wall by placing a sign in front of him saying “I am HIV-positive. Touch me!”

Not knowing what to expect, Janne stands there, closes his eyes, outstretches his hands and waits. After a while, he began getting handshakes. Then shoulder pats. And then the hugs came. He was clearly surprised and pretty overwhelmed at the responses he got, which included mothers and children coming up to him and hugging.

Check out the Helsinki public knock down the stigma of HIV positive and giving Janne a type of acceptance he rarely experiences in life. Share this amazing video with your friends and family as well!