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Artist Uses Photoshop To Show How These Celebs May Look If They Were Not Famous

Technology is a wonderful thing, well it has it’s moments!

Can you imagine trying to win the pub quiz without google at your finger tips, or keeping up with your friends without the use of Facebook?  Scary prospect, right? Aside from being a great convenience to us, technology is actually capable of an immense creative power.

Have you wondered what celebrities would look like, if they lived ‘normal’ lives?  Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore! With the genius and artistic skill of Danny Evans, and the incredible power of Photoshop we now have some answers.

Danny has stripped away the glitz and the glamour of the superstars, the fancy diets, the personal trainers, the airbrushing and the hair transplants, to make the people we gawk at, and admire most into your average Joe.  It may only be fiction, but it brings a nice warm fuzzy feeling in your chest, to know that these people aren’t too different from us, they just have more dollar bills to waste on there waist lines.mWMibvv