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‘Braindead’ Daughter Turns 15 and Her Family Has One Sentence for Doctors


Jahi McMath went in for a routine sleep apnea surgery in Oakland, but it would turn out to be a nightmare for her and her family.

Due to complications during the procedure, the 12-year-old was pronounced brain dead and placed on life support. Her family has fought to keep her alive with the help of their lawyer, Chris Dolan.

Now they have posted pictures of Jahi on their Facebook page, celebrating her 15th birthday:


The family posts images to Facebook and claim that Jahi is making improvements, despite what some experts have said.

A recent update read:

“Hello everyone. As requested here is the latest pic of Jahi. Our little sleeping beauty is doing great and progressing. She is moving more on her mother’s command. As you can see she is still alive and just as beautiful as ever. Flawless skin! She will be 15 in a few days. Thank you all for the continued love, support and prayers!”


Despite numerous doctors telling Jahi’s family that she will never recover from her current state, the family continues to maintain that she is alive and well. They post videos of her moving her feet, and making other small movements at the command of her mother.

According to The Daily Mail, the family won a high profile legal case in 2014 allowing Jahi to be kept alive on machines.


Jahi is being cared for at a privately funded facility in New Jersey now, according to the San Francisco Gate. Dolan told the court nearly a year ago that the now 15-year-old girl is still alive:

“I have medical experts, including world-class experts on brain death, who will testify she is not brain-dead”


There is no way to know if or when Jahi will ever recover, but her family hopes that prayers could bring about a miracle and bring their daughter back.

The family filed a malpractice lawsuit against UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland back in March.