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Bullies Instantly Regret Picking On Elderly Homeless Guy After Getting Knocked Out Cold

Justice has been served in America after a yellow vested vigilante stood up to a man who was picking on a homeless person in the street.

Although we do not know what happened in the build up to this video, by the looks of things, the homeless guy is just minding his own business. He does not rise to the threat made by the bully, after he warns that he is going to fuck him up. Instead he just gets up, gathers his things and calmly walks away.

That’s when the footage starts to heat up as a clearly unimpressed witness enters into the frame to dish out some karma. He squares up to the harasser to knock him  the fuck out, punching him not once, not twice, but three times.


You’ve got to give it to the guy he does pretty well to come back for more after receiving some pretty brutal blows. The footage finally comes to an end with one killer hit that sends him tumbling to the ground.

While we do not condone violence here at Viral Thread, we also do not condone bullying. The clip kind of feels like some sort of justice has been served and I’m sure this guy will think twice before picking on someone again. Also by the looks of things this bloke needs to get some new friends because his mate doesn’t look too concerned over his wellbeing. Or maybe he just thought he deserved a pummelling.

Morale of the story: don’t be a dick.