Car Dealership’s Conversation Is Put On Speaker Phone. What One Man Overhears Touches Him Deeply.

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Sometimes prayer can go a long way.

For a man — only known as David — it was prayer that lead him to the decision to buy a complete stranger a used car.Screen-Shot-2015-06-05-at-9.56.28-AM

According to ABC 7, David was at the Carolina Auto Sales dealership located in Asheville, North Carolina, when he overheard a woman’s phone conversation with owner Wesley Gurley.

That woman was Connie Cole, a struggling single mother of three, who relied heavily on her father for transportation. She was calling the dealership to see if they could work out a deal on one of their used cars.

Hurley tells WLOS, he was “shell shocked” when David told him he wanted to help.

“He said, ‘If she comes in, call me. I’m gonna pray on this. If the Lord wants me to do something, I may buy her that car.’”

David preferred not to be interviewed, but did tell WLOS that the philosophy of Christ Community Church in Montreat was what inspired him to help Cole out.

This act of kindness was just an “extension of his faith.”

“He said ‘There was something in my voice and the Lord was telling him to help me’,” Cole tells WLOS. “I’ll never forget him.”

The Lord does work in mysterious ways, and now, both David and Connie can rest easy knowing He is on their side.