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Chick-fil-A Just Shocked The World When It Refused To Let This Grandpa Die

It all started when one woman received a frantic call from her 78-year-old father. When he told her that he needed help, she thought it would be something minor such as changing a lightbulb. But what he proceeded to tell her left me speechless.

The sweet, elderly man was trapped inside his vehicle as it spun like water going down a drain in the raging flood waters. Terry Smith didn’t think he would live, but two unlikely heroes stepped up and saved his life. This story gave me chills!

Two Chick-fil-A employees, Luis Torres and Jessica Gernant, spotted the drowning man right outside the restaraunt window. While some might have simply dialed 9-11, their brave and selfless response to the situation blew me away. You’ve just got to see this!