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Cop Goes Undercover As A Homeless Man. What The Cameras Caught On Tape Sent SHIVERS Down My Spine!

Under cover cop disguised himself as a homeless man in a wheelchair.

Why you ask? He thought it would be a great way to catch thieves and criminals in the city as no-one would suspect a helpless homeless guy.

The police department agreed to it as they wanted to put and end to the attacks against people in wheelchairs happening in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside.

This is the heartwarming part.

Instead of the negatives Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley discovered how kind people, compassion and selfless people could actually be.

He was very convincing when he told people he had suffered a brain injury and as a consequence could not count or add up, he struggled getting job and now he is homeless.

What happened next is truly heartwarming just as you think hes about to get mugged a stranger kneels to pray with him.

A lot of us often think the worst in many situations but the officer added,

“Not one person took advantage of my vulnerability,” Horsley said. “This community has soul.”

He felt an amazing community spirit and was overwhelmed by the whole experience.
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