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Crazy Guy Pulls Off The Most F*cked Up Prank The Internet Has Ever Seen

The internet has taken everything up a notch. Before the WWW took hold, pulling a chair out from under your mate was considered a worthwhile prank. Now it seems like child-play.

If you want your prank to get notoriety you’ve got to go big. That’s exactly what Marius Høstland Strøm and Tom Daniel Hansen Sylte, from Trondheim, Norway, did, and boy did they go big.

Last month, the feud started when Tom woke Marius up with a chainsaw to his neck while he slept in the car. Y’know, as you do.


You’d be forgiven for wondering how said prank could possibly be topped, but clearly Marius has been putting the hours in on some pretty dark internet sites, because his retaliation was beyond fucked up.

Ho-ly-shit. What happened to the good old days of swapping sugar and salt?! I guess everything gets more intense overtime, just look at how messed up film trailers are nowadays.

BRB, need to watch a Disney film for a bit to calm myself.