CRAZY MOTHER Claims “Somebody” Needs To Pay For Her 15 Kids

“Somebody needs to pay for all MY kids!” Says Angel Adams, destitute mother of 15 young children. “Somebody,” huh? She tells a news network that since her ‘man’ be gone, the father of 10 of her 15! children, after his recent arrest, that “somebody needs to be accountable” for her awful brood. WTF, ‘lady?’ Not that you are a lady, really that you’re ‘somebody’ who should’ve been sterilized about 20 years ago!
“Their food has been donated from ‘people’ just by the people around here,” claims Angel Adams, indignantly and without gratitude or thanks! She motions to the 15 small children floating around the shack she lives in, which is paid for by an outreach agency, complaining that “somebody” better be held accountable. They need crap like big screen televisions and flashy jewelry, don’t they? Adams claims that “somebody” best be giving her funds so she can buy the members of her brood brand name merchandise AND take them out to eat, and crap like that!
Actually, Ms. Angel Adams, it appears that you like to roll in the hay and you aren’t at all happy with the results! You get what you work for in this world, lady, and you haven’t got ANYthing because you’re too darn busy to try and come up and help yourself, not to mention, helping your 15! kids.
She complains that nobody is providing for the 15 children she brought into this world, in spite of the facts that it’s her actions to begin with which have caused her predicament. Imagine the futures that these kids are facing, if you can. They won’t get a proper education, will probably not respect their elders, because, obviously, their man role models are either in jail, or complaining to the press about the stupidest situation. Not a great foot to make a first step beneath.
WOW, Angel Adams, get your freaking tubes tied! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! PLEASE! Church organizations do NOT exist to provide for your children, OR, yourself. PLEASE! Find some common decency SOMEWHERE inside yourself. It’s time to woman-up. PLEASE!