Dad Confronts Racism And Bullying Head-On. Way To Go Dad!

Please note: this video contains extremely racist language.

Bradley Knudson of Prior Lake Minnesota knows the effect of prejudice greatly. In this feature, Bradley talks transparently and genuinely about his little girl, who was being tormented by Snapchat messages and the amazing reaction from the bully’s dad.

Bradley’s girl was on a night out with mates, when things took an unpleasant turn… she began getting racist tirades from her colleagues through Snapchat, a mobile chat application.

“It was harassment, as well as bigotry. When we got the fourth message from these children… my wife and I chose to take out my telephone and tape it as it was going on.” What takes after is an exasperating video message brimming with racial slurs and verbal misuse coordinated towards his little girl.

After a few fizzled endeavors at coming to the bully’s guardians and attempting to speak with them, Bradley chose to show this to the world.

Children can be so remorseless, yet it all comes down to the folks not spreading such bias. Obviously, the folks Bradley’s tried to speak with are the foundation of the issue.

The media is beginning to impart this feature, which is right now turning into a web sensation. The more individuals who see this, the more chance this family has of being vindicated