Dad Opens His Birthday Gift, But What’s Inside Is So Overwhelming, I Cried Too

Opie Hughes is one of the 8% of men who are color blind. He is red/green colorblind, meaning that he has difficulty differentiating between the two colors. What’s more, any shade that includes these colors will be muted. Consider what sea green, turquoise, or lime would look like to a person who cannot see green. Most people can differentiate between more than 100 hues of color, but a severely colorblind person would only see about 20.

While color blindness can be an interesting topic of conversation to most, the impact it can have is lost on those who see a full range of color. Watching Opie experience normal color for the first time is truly moving. Even though he knew what he would be getting for his birthday, he wasn’t prepared to have his eyes opened to the beauty he has missed all his life.
Opie’s glasses are made by EnChroma, a Berkeley, California based company that makes their unique lenses in a variety of styles and can even customize lenses to fit your personal frames. Let us know what you think of this technology, or what your reaction was to seeing Opie see a full range of color for the first time.