Dad Saved The Day When A Teen Tried To Steal His Car With His Son In The Back Seat

Do you know any heroes? Rashaan Milliones knows a hero. His hero is his dad. Little 8-year-old Rashaan Milliones was at a gas station getting gas with his parents when things nearly took a tragic turn.

While sitting in the back of the car his father got out to pump gas while his mother went inside. While his father was getting ready to pump gas, an unknown teenager jumped in the car and proceeded to steal the car. Rashaan was very confused by the person in the car but didn’t know how to react.

His dad had said he had never been scared but at that moment he realized what was going on he was terrified! There was never a moment where he didn’t think about saving his son. He was never going to let the teenager get away with this. He grabbed onto the car and started to run along side it, he was hanging onto the door and window and trying to keep his feet up off the ground. He wanted his son back.

He held on to his SUV for about a quarter of a mile before he was unable to hand on any longer. At that point the teen had slowed enough that his son could just from the vehicle and both of them were safe. Thank God for this brave father and that they both came away from the situation safely! SHARE the love and pass it on!

ABC US News | World News