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Dad Saves Son From Carjackers. What He Does At The Last Second Is Simply Incredible!

Malcolm Millones says he was getting ready to pump gas — when his worst nightmare unfolded before his eyes.

A teen carjacker had jumped into his SUV when he wasn’t looking, taking off with Millones’ son Rashaan in the back seat. Despite the scary situation, the dad’s instincts kicked in and knew he’d risk everything to save his son.

The Fulton County gas station’s security camera caught the father jumping onto the side of the moving SUV to save 8-year-old Rashaan. He began beating on the window and trying to get the carjacker to slow down. He was able to distract the driver for just long enough to allow Rashaan the chance to jump out unharmed.

The father fell and broke his arm, but he’s just thankful his son is alive and was able to escape in time.

“I was shrieking, I hate to admit it, but… I’ve never been scared before until now. I never really felt fear until now, honestly,” Millones told ABC after the incident.

The third-grader spoke highly of his father: “I would say it’s cool and brave for my dad to jump on a car and get his arm broken for me.”

Thanks to this dad’s quick thinking and heroic move, he was able to protect his family.

Authorities are continuing to search for the missing SUV, a silver 2014 Kia Sorento.