Girl With Autism Called A Stranger ‘Daddy’–What Happened Next…TEARS!

There was a mystery passenger aboard the same airline flight as a cute little girl and her mother. The cute little girl’s name was Kate and she was three years old. Kate is a pretty little girl with dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes. She is also a true ball of energy and does have autism. She is a child that cannot sit still for very long and her mother was concerned about taking her on a plane flight with her. The plane flight to Philadelphia, which little Kate did board with her mother Shanelle Mouland, didn’t turn at all into the trouble that the little girl’s mother thought it would turn into.

Instead, the plane flight was a true blessing in disguise, and not the bracing for trouble that Kate’s mother was more than prepared for before getting on the plane. Airplane flights are something that usually prove difficult for Kate. This plane flight didn’t turn out disastrous at all.

There was a businessman on the very same flight as Kate and her mother. No one knew who he was at the time. Kate reached for the businessman and started to call him daddy. What happened next on the plane between the man and the child was amazing. It was so amazing that Kate’s mother decided to write a special “Dear Daddy” thank you note online to the mystery man. What did the mystery man do? The nameless businessman who sat in Seat 16C didn’t shift uncomfortably in his seat or ignore the bouncy little three-year-old girl. The businessman put down his work for the next two and a half hours to play games with the cute little girl.

Eric Kunkel was the very kind and friendly “Dear Daddy” passenger who did decide to play with Kate and her awesome little Ninja turtles that she has brought along with her on the plane. Kunkel interacted on all fronts with Kate and even showed her pictures of his pet dogs as well. He was an all around real nice guy to the little girl with autism. He went out his way to entertain her and treat her like a little person. What Kunkel did was a very big deal with Kate’s mother Shanelle and this is why she wrote him the very wonderful thank you letter that she did. He took time out of his busy day to be a “Dear Daddy” to little Kate on the plane flight and this made the trip a whole lot easier for both mother and child.

Shanelle’s “Dear Daddy” letter to Eric Kunkel became a global sensation on Facebook and accumulated 70,000 likes. It only took a full day for the very popular “Dear Daddy” letter to come to Eric’s attention. He was beside himself with emotion about the letter. Because of Eric Kunkel’s attention to Kate, and also keeping her entertained, the little girl did have one of her most successful air flight’s yet. Eric Kunkel got filled with emotions after reading the letter and was beside himself. He is indeed a very kind stranger to do what he did and this does indeed make him special among men.

The link to this amazing and truly inspirational video .Please do look at it yourself and pass it along to others. It is sooo great!