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Grandma Thinks She Catches Them With Drugs. When She Confronts Them, He Had To Grab The Camera!

The modern world and all of its intricacies can be confusing, especially if you are approaching 80. For one grandmother, she does not want to see her grandson do any drugs, and just like any loving grandma would do, she dishes a stern warning. The only problem is, grandma is puzzled as to what the drugs are. It is not what she thinks it is.

Nonna Paola, who has become something of an internet sensation in her home country, was outraged to spot grandson, Anthon,y drinking a can of the Smirnoff Ice. Her son, Greg Lachimia, catches her on camera as she is barely able to contain her anger.

Thanks to shows like Breaking Bad, ‘Ice’, or meth, has become well-known for its extreme addictiveness and destructive nature. Paola must have recently seen coverage of the devastating drug on television and thinks that her grandson is abusing the drug in liquid form.

“Look what the bloody mongrel drink,’” she says, wielding the can towards the phone. “Drugs!” She continues, “Ice is what I see on the TV. I’m not stupid!”

“No more drink this s**t.” There is no denying Grandma is definitely a feisty one.

A cheeky Lachimia decides to side with his angry mother, against his son while the son tries to explain jokingly that it is simply vodka. “Vod-da-ka, she questions.”

But after some explanation, Paola finally begins to accept that there must be a misunderstanding. But, still, she isn’t quite ready to give up the fight. She tells him to go drink water.