Guy Criticizes Caitlyn Jenner’s “Bravery”; Gets A Big Heaping Serving Of Irony

One Facebook user belittled Caitlyn Jenner’s “bravery” by posting a picture of World War 2 soldiers, but the ironic truth behind his image selection was so damn appropriate, he had no choice but to own up to it.
Because bravery only counts if you’re dying in a war.


The post spread right-quick, racking up almost 800k shares. Since it blew up, Terry thought that it’d probably be best that he look up the original artist and give them credit, you know, before he got in trouble(damn intellectual property laws).

But then he had a visit from the Irony Fairy, and the Irony Fairy don’t play.


Maybe that’ll teach the other hundreds and thousands of people who are willing to share a story that diminishes the steps we’re making as a society towards greater acceptance and awareness of transgender individuals. But probably not, I mean, his apology has a thousand times less shares. Guess irony only makes some people think.