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Guy Sends Outrageous Drunk Message To His Professor, Gets Best Response

Drunk texts are something most of us would have fallen victim to at some point. Generally, it’s a crush, an ex or just a mate who we’ll send our drunken gibberish or alcohol-fuelled love confession too. These drunken deeds, despite being moderately painful to recall the next morning, are quite forgettable usually.

How quickly do you think you’d forget sending your University professor a drunk mail? Well, this is the message a very hungover Patrick Davidson woke up to find in his sent box and you can imagine it was head-shakingly embarrassing for him.1

For a start, addressing your professor as a ‘motherfuckn g’ is never normal procedure. To then follow this with a reference to his unfortunate baldness, an offer to hook him up with a girl and then a request for a paper extension; you can just imagine the cringe felt.

What’s most brilliant about this series of unfortunate events is the extremely brilliant response sent back by the ‘motherfuckn g’ that is Mr. Martin and now it’s clear to the world that this title was well deserved.