He Brought Their Baby to the Hospital to Comfort Her Not Knowing What it Was Actually Going to Do…

Holli Cheung understands exactly how powerful the bond between mother and child can be. After all, it was spending time with her three month-old son that restarted her ailing heart.


As the Mirror reports, it had been ten days since Holli had seen her son, Jordan. The 36 year-old fitness enthusiast and mother had fallen ill on New Year’s Day and a series of fainting fits found her in the hospital.

The doctors diagnosed Holli with myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, caused by an infection.

As Holli’s condition worsened, she went into cardiac arrest twice. The second time, five nurses performed CPR on Holli for 45 minutes in order to revive her.

Holli was placed on a machine that kept her heart pumping, but after ten days with no improvement, Holli was put on the transplant list.

Within a matter of days, she had gone from a healthy, young mother to someone who was facing a life-changing surgery.


In those ten days, Holli didn’t see her son, and she felt his absence. Friends tried to cheer her up by putting pictures of Jordan in her room, but she still missed him terribly.

“I missed holding him, feeding him, changing him,” Holli told the Mirror.

Even though Holli had been too tired to see her son when her husband Jason suggested bringing the boy to her, Jason did it anyway— deciding that not only mom but Jordan too could use some cheering up.

“I left him sleeping next to her for a couple of hours,” said Jordan.

And while Jordan slept next to his mother, some amazing happened. Holli’s heart started beating on its own.

“I think that for ­whatever reason, he woke up my heart,” Holli said.

Neither the doctors nor Holli could fully explain it, but after that time with Jordan, her heart slowly got stronger.

Holli was taken off the transplant list and eight weeks later, she was discharged from the hospital. She still has a long recovery ahead of her, but is looking forward to running her first 5K since her illness in order to raise funds for the medical team that saved her.

And she has a special source of inspiration: “My baby saved me, there’s no doubt about that,” she told the Mirror. “He kept me fighting, he made me stronger and determined to get better. He helped me recover.”