He Did an Intense Workout Without Hydrating. Now WATCH His Calf Cramp Moments After… WHOA!

This is what happens when you don’t hydrate your body with enough water. Weird things start happening to your body…

A man went to an intense Muay Thai session in a 84 degree session for two hours. Impressive right? Except he didn’t drink enough water and his calves severely began to cramp. This is nothing like you you’ve ever seen before- or at least we hope.

This video is his home video of his calves going completely insane. One commenter said, “It looks like your calf is about to give birth,” and if you look close enough, he has a point. Another said it looks like an alien invaded his body. All jokes aside, this crazy cramping is a good indication of major dehydration. I can only imagine how painful this must feel.

He admits it’s the worst a cramp has ever felt. I don’t think anyone would refute that comment after watching this video.

Remember to take care of yourself and to hydrate this summer!