He Puts A Bar Of Soap In The Microwave. When He Takes It Out 2 Minutes Later? WHOA!

I just love cool experiments like this! Little tricks like these are a great way to explore the mysteries of science and chemistry.

I don’t know about you, but back when I was struggling through my biology classes in High school, I always loved when we did more hands-on experiments. I’ve always been a much more tactile, learn as you go sort of learner!

So while some experiments are a bit more unexplainable, like how some people say that your personality can be based off of the length of your fingers, these experiments have a bit more scientific meaning behind them.

All of these experiments have a simple reasoning behind them — but as long as they’re all performed safely, I would love to try them out with my little cousins. Like at the :22 mark in the video, would you ever have expected the bar of Ivory soap to do that? Maybe you’re better off with Dawn, or even a body wash! Or maybe I need to get a new microwave for my kitchen!

While I did eventually graduate from school, diploma in hand, I never feel like I truly understood everything that my teachers were trying to drill into my head. This video definitely helped me out a bit on that front. I particularly loved the candle experiment that the video showed off! So cool!

What do you think about these wild experiments? Would you ever try the last one? I always wanted one of these but never ended up buying one — maybe I’ll save myself some money and just make it at home instead!