He Told Mom To Wait For A Care Package, But The Surprise She Got Instead Left Her In Tears!

When this young marine was deployed for months, it just about broke his mom’s heart. His loved ones were left behind as he courageously set out to protect our country.

His mom’s birthday was coming up, and she was devastated that her “little” boy wouldn’t be there to celebrate with her. But like the true gentleman he is, he convinced his mom that there would be a package in the mail just in time for her birthday.

The family headed out to Mom’s favorite restaurant for her special day. She was grateful that her family planned this celebration, but there was a shade of sadness as she had yet to receive her “package.” Then when she least expected it, her son walks up to her table at the restaurant!

This was definitely not the care package she was anticipating, but it’s better than anything she could have imagined!