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Her Customer Returns A Box Of Stale Cupcakes, But Keep Watching The Box…

Sharon is a hardworking mother of four who has fallen on hard times. Sharon runs Mrs. C’s Cupcakes in Penrith, UK, and after the year she’s had, Sharon has fallen behind on the lease for her business. Because of this, Sharon now works extra hours at the shop in order to pay for medical bills — causing her to miss out on time with her children.

Over the past year, Sharon was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, her younger brother passed away, and her youngest son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. Sharon is a wonderful woman in need of some assistance, and radio personality, Jackie O, is about to give it to her.

When Jackie O and her assistant came in the store, Sharon thought she had a pair of irate customers with stale cupcakes. However, when Jackie O asked Sharon to taste the cupcakes for herself, Sharon opened the box of cupcakes only to find a $10,000 surprise! Watching this video, I couldn’t stop crying — hopefully this will make things a little easier for Sharon!