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He’s About To Pay For His Groceries, But Keep Your Eyes On The Priest. I’m Cracking Up!

Here’s a “what would you do?” situation that you can’t help but laugh about…

When a person of the church asks for help, it takes a pretty bold person to say no. After all, they’ve committed their lives to being completely selfless and helping others. How can anyone refuse a simple favor, right?

As we saw when this nun asked for strangers to use “God’s strength” to help her carry an impossibly heavy box to her car, she had everyone fooled. This time, the folks at Just For Laughs put random people to the test to see if they’d help a priest in need at the grocery store.

As we know from seeing their other crazy videos, like when these innocent prank victims were asked to keep an eye on a stranger’s car, nothing is ever as it seems.

In the video, people go to pay for their items at a grocery store when the priest comes up behind them and tries to sneak in an item of his own, signaling that he’ll pay them back outside. When it’s revealed that the priest is trying to buy condoms, their reactions are absolutely priceless!

Can you imagine getting pranked like this? I know I wouldn’t know what to think — or do — in this situation!