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He’s SO Confused By His New Parrot. Now Watch The Hysterical Thing He Does Next…

Whoever thinks cats aren’t very social creatures obviously has never seen a Timo video…

We’re big fans of the internet-famous ragdoll cat here at LittleThings…and for good reason. I’ve honestly never really been a “cat person” before, simply because most felines I’ve met have been so timid and sassy. However, when a cat is cute, cuddly, and friendly like a pup, I’m a big fan. Timo can definitely be considered a friendly feline.

This is the first video we ever posted of Timo, where he made some “new friends” at a koi pond. You’ve probably seen cats displayed on television and in movies chasing after birds and mice, and trying to scoop up fish, but Timo is pretty much the opposite. As you can see in this video of Timo with his new stuffed teddy bear, this cat is always interested in getting cozy with a new friend.

In Timo’s latest video, the cat’s owner brought home a new toy that completely confuses him. Timo can’t seem to wrap his furry head around the new talking toy parrot in his life, and it’s hard to even blame him. I probably wouldn’t know what to think if I was him, either.

However, you just have to laugh at how adorable he is, trying to grab the parrot’s face and give him kisses.