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Hilarious Baby Costumes

#6 Baby’s ‘Wayne’s World’

Live on Wayne and Garvey! In the 1992 film, these head-banging twenty-something year olds acted a bit juvenile even for their age. So if any of you gen-xers want to relive your teens vicariously through your offspring, we recommend this excellent costume idea. Great for twins!! Aww, mini Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are just too adorable!


#5 Here Comes The Judge!

Where do all the toilet paper rolls go when you need them?! It looks like it was worth raiding the bathroom toilet after all, because this little guy is picture perfect as a British judge or mini Founding Father. Yes, today all British judges and attorneys still wear white wigs in court!


#4 Sprouting Mushrooms

Look what’s growing in the backyard! It’s a sprouting mushroom with a green worm on it’s belly. Kids with creative parents will put-up with a lot. “Hurry-up with the photo-taking already, people are gonna start to realize I’m fungus!”


#3 Good Hygiene

These kids don’t realize how lame their parents are. One day, when they learn what irony is, they’ll understand that this was in fact the anti-halloween costume. Feel sorry for them, they don’t know better.


#2 Beware of Chest Bursting Aliens!

This little fellow looks as surprised as we, but you never know where that space alien is incubating.. like in a chicken baby! In the film ‘Alien’, artists used cow’s stomach and tripe to make that scene super real and gory. But this costume is a pretty good likeness! Well done!


#1 “Oh Toto.. We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”

He’s a handful and a real tornado after eating candy. Why not dress-up as one for Halloween, right?! It’s an awesome costume with Dorothy’s farm swirling around. We just hope that’s not fiberglass, mom and dad?!


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