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Hilarious Texts From Dog

Text From Dog is a hilarious series of fake SMS messages exchanged between a dog and his master. I think all dog owners can relate…lol

text-from-dog-1 text-from-dog-2

text-from-dog-3 text-from-dog-4 text-from-dog-5 text-from-dog-6 text-from-dog-7 text-from-dog-8 text-from-dog-9 text-from-dog-10 text-from-dog-11 text-from-dog-12 text-from-dog-13 text-from-dog-14 text-from-dog-15 text-from-dog-16 text-from-dog-17

Hilarious Texts From Dog ~ 17 Pics Source: textfromdog.tumblr [via]